Hydraulic Refuse Collection Vehicle
The Hydraulic Refuse Collection Vehicle consists of a body mounted on the chassis, a tailgate with compression mechanism, an ejection plate inside the body, container lift system and hydraulic installation.

The functions and loading distribution of the RCV are properly arranged according to the technical specification of the chassis truck on which it is mounted.

Minipacker consists of a body with a raised rear end forming loading hopper, a shovel sweeping the refuse inside the body which is mounted to the body with the top hinges, an ejection / pressing plate moving on rails mounted inside the body and the hydraulic installation powered by the vehicle. Because of the loading hopper being in one piece with the body there will never be any dirty water leaking and single shovel offers simple and reliable operation.

Mini Tipping Refuse Collector
This Superstructure is designed to be used in narrow areas/streets and generally to be loaded without a lifting device.