600 x 240 Alchera Features
2 Burner LPG stove, lighter valve system (steel pipe gas system)
Hot water system 40 lt. water heater.
High-pressure water engine.
100 Lt filling the outside. food-grade clean water tank.
Monoblog fiber-bathroom-wc cabin.
Imported (Thetford) from the outside of the cassette toilet.
Lighting system 12 V - 220 V
220 W refrigerator 110 lt.
TV Antenna
İthal info panel

600 x 240 Alchera Technical Information
Number of People: 4 people 5 people
Cabin:  Fiberglass Exterior, Vacuum Press System
Chassis:  Custom Moulded 4244 certified material
Axle:  One Piece (Four-Torsion system)
Tire Size:  175 x 65 R 14 C - 2 Piece
Pre-Pay Group:  World-Class Global System
Brake System:  Mechanical
Furniture:  Cherry, Oak, Mahogany, Beech
Energy:  12 DC - 220 V