Caretta 1500 Features
40 Amp Battery
Special Tent (EXTRA)
Portatif İthal Tuvalet(PortoPotti)
Cassette, radio, (EXTRA) speaker system
Refrigerator (12 DC and 220 Volt)
DVD player (EXTRA)
Single Bowl January LPG
Special Antenna
20 Lt. Water Tank
Tent Lamp
Ventilation Panel
Car Alarms System

Caretta 1500 Technical Information

Number of People: 2 + 2 (Tent)
Cabin: Fiberglass Exterior, Vacuum Press System
Chassis: Custom Moulded 4244 certified material
Axle: One Piece (Torsion system)
Tire: Size 175 x 64 x 12-2 Piece
Pre-Pay Group: World-Class Global System
Energy: 12 DC - 220 V
Dimensions (length, width, load): 2060 x 3835 x 1630 mm
Weight: 500 kg.