Cesspit Emptier
Equipment is designed to collect, by suction, and transport the sewage and sludge. Cesspit emptier consists of a subframe connected to the vehicle's chassis. A cylindirical tank, a hydraulically openning full diameter tailgate and the vacuum system powered by the PTO. There is a subframe made from 'U' profiles and steel is mounted to the chassis with mounting plates. Tank is manufactured from thick sheet steel. Front end is covered with convex plate and welded to the body at both sides. There are baffle plates mounted inside the body on the reinforcing rings. Tank is mounted on the subframe at a required slope with flexible mounting elements. At the rear there is an acid resistant rubber gasket placed in a full diameter steel housing to prevent leaking from the tailgate. Tailgate is connected to the body with top hinges with bronze bushings. tailgate is opened upwards by a hydraulic cylinder. There are four or five wheel clamps around the tailgate to provide efficient sealing. There is a ball valve and aluminium quick coupling at the tailgate to which the suction hoses are connected. There is a hydraulic hand pump with control valve on it to open the tailgate easily. It is placed rear right of the equipment. There is a flow control valve in the installation to prevent sudden dropping of the tailgate. Vacuum pump is powered by the PTO controlled from the cab. There is a vacuum meter on the installation.

Hose storage lockers on both sides
Suction hoses as spirals
Mudguards and rubber flaps

Cesspit Emptier Trailer
Cesspit emptier semi trailer is designed for collecting and delivering cesspit and muddy liquids. Cesspit emptier semi trailer consist sub frame that connected with the tank, one cylindirical tank, a tail gate under the tank and vacuum installation that takes its action from PTO. U profile sub chassis is installed on truck chassis. Tank is made of steel plate as cylindirical Tank is united from inside and outside sources by accompanied to front tank and rear cambered to the tank. Enough breakwaters are located in tank as connected by bolts. Tank is connected with bearing elements to over sub chassis by suitable slope. Tail gate is connected to tank by top hinges and it opens to up by hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic hand pump.
The sealing can be supplied referring to tail gate cesspit emptier size by suitable pressing system by flywheel. Vacuum pump is connected to near truck chassis as easy reachable. The movement is reached to vacuum pump from PTO. PTO command is in truck cabinet. Vacummetre is located at suitable place of vacuum installation. Safety valve is located at vacuum installation.
Chassis and axles are produced referring to highway and TSE norms. Jack arms are worked parallely, double speed, wide wedge, telescopic, static has 50 ton- dynamic 25 ton capacity.